Buy Youtube Subscribers
Buying YouTube Subscribers

Buying YouTube Subscribers – Is It Really Safe?

Buying YouTube Subscribers – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Buying YouTube subscribers is no longer a secret nor is it a taboo. If you’re a starting youtuber, it’s virtually impossible to be noticed among the millions of videos and channels, even if you have the most exciting content in the world. As a beginner, you want your channel to be seen and noticed, and one of the best ways, maybe even the best option out there, is buying YouTube subscribers. In this article we have tried to review all sides of this famous (some would same notorious) widespread phenomenon.

Buying YouTube Subscribers Effects

So buying YouTube subscribers doe’s not only increase your popularity, but it betters your ranking on YouTube search results page and improves your general videos SEO score.
However, the question remains, is it safe? Well, absolutely yes. According to YouTube terms of use and rules, it is not illegal buying YouTube subscribers whatsoever, in any way, shape or form. Your account and channel will stay safe even after buying YouTube subscribers, nothing you need to worry about.
However, if you happen to buy fake subscribers, meaning bots from some shady Youtube subscribers provider, you will probably lose them the day after, and I’m pretty sure your real subscribers will find that pretty offensive and unsubscribe as well. Again, your account will stay safe as long as you keep following YouTube policy (try to avoid at all cost copyrights or plagiarism complaints).
So, there you have it – lesson number one, and maybe one of the most significant lessons when it comes to buying subscribers – Use legit YouTube subscribers provider that delivers real people who are actually watching, engaging, commenting on your videos and subscribing to your channel. This rules is so important because it will help boosting your channel credibility and legitimacy.

Buying YouTube Subscribers
Buying YouTube Subscribers

To be more precise, when I say watching and engaging, I mean that. A legit and reliable provider will not only provide you with real subscribers, but they will be watching your videos for a proper period of time, so it will never look as if it’s fake views. Here’s your lesson number two – the importance of watch time. Your ranking on YouTube search page is mainly determined by engagement time, or watch time of your videos. You may have a lot of views and subscribers, but if you want to be number one on the search list, you need your subscribers to watch your videos for an extended period of time. If you get 5-10 seconds of watch per video from let’s say, 1000 bought viewers, you will probably never make it to the search list, or you’ll be ranked really low because YouTube algorithm will consider your content as not engaging.

So real subscribers and not fake bots, we got that. But how do you know that a company is a legit one and will sell you real subscribers and not trashy fake bots? Well, I suggest you read comments online, ask other YouTubers and conduct a little search. There plenty of YouTube subscribers providers, and you want the best. It may cost a bit more, but you can rest assured you won’t lose your subscribers and your channel will only benefit from it – increased popularity, massive exposure to the relevant audience and increased SEO, in no way will this ever negatively affect your ranking.

Another thing you should consider here is other viewers and YouTube users that check your channel statistics. What do we mean here? Let’s assume you just bought 10,000 YouTube subscribers to make your channel look great. Now your subscribers counter looks quite impressing, but there is one weird thing – despite your high amount of people subscribed to your channel, it seems like your videos gets low interaction relatively. This might raise some eyebrows when people check your channel stuff… So that’s something you should keep in your mind before you run and buy YouTube subscribers.

All right, You Have Decided Buying YouTube Subscribers. What’s Next?

Well, what happens next is not in any way less important than finding a good, reliable and safe YouTube subscribers provider. Increasing the number of subscribers is not the only way to go up the ranking list nor is it the only way to reach a targeted audience.
First (and most important if you ask me), make sure you have enough genuinely excellent content on your YouTube channel. Just imagine the next scenario – you buy a few hundred of subscribers, and you barely have any videos uploaded to your channel, looks real fake isn’t it..? To solve this awkward and unprofessional situation, just make sure to create and upload at least a few quality video content before buying YouTube subscribers. Use proper keywords, relevant tags and use the description to reach as many people as possible. These are some great tools you should learn to use wisely for your benefit.

In conclusion, it’s pretty apparent that buying YouTube subscribers is safe and could potentially be very beneficial for you, for your channel and for your video rankings. However, most importantly, make sure you use a legit, reliable and top quality subscribers provider. Working with the right provider by buying YouTube subscribers will make your channel and videos more engaging, popular and eventually YouTubes algorithm will expose your content to the right targeted users that are eager to consume your channel videos.

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