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How To Find Good Video Ideas For Your YouTube Channel

Find Video Ideas Like a Pro and Stay Relevant

How can you consistently come up with YouTube video ideas and how do you test to determine if those video ideas are actually good?
Your job as a video creator and a video influencer is to be creative all the time. You always need to be coming up with a new content idea or new video ideas. Social media, in general, requires a lot of creativity and it can be kind of exhausting and challenging to find new ideas consistently, so here are four biggest tips.

Tip number one is always be capturing ideas, so you have them when you need them. Always be ready to capture your video ideas.
You can create a video ideas journal. You write down concepts.
Also, you can create a running list on your phone, so if you ever get hit with an idea, and you’re out, you’re at an event, wherever you are, if you get an idea, capture it right then, don’t expect that you’ll remember it. It’s better to have a short pencil instead hoping to have a long memory, right?
Another thing that you can use is Google Docs. It’s free to use.
Always be looking around, positioning yourself for ideas and inspiration and make sure to write it down or type it down with some device.

Tip number two captures many ideas. The key to having great video ideas is having a ton of ideas even mediocre and bad ones.
There is a book that is recommended, and it’s called ‘Becoming an Idea Machine.’ You can grab it on Kindle for 99 cents. The basic axiom of the book is that our brains work the same way that muscles do and so if you work out your muscles, then eventually you get the guns. The same thing works for your brain that if you force your brain to come up with ideas on a regular basis, that your brain begins to become more creative.
It’s like working your brain muscle. The premise is that you should write ten ideas down a day, not necessarily ten good ideas, just ten ideas, and that out of that discipline, you can then start finding the great ones, and those that stand out to you. The key is to be capturing a lot of ideas. Don’t be judgmental when you’re filling out your video idea book, get it captured. Maybe you’ll come back to it later.
Always be capturing many ideas so you will get the best ones eventually.

Tip number three is spent time-consuming different sources of inspiration and ideas and so here’s a couple of categories.
The first source is books. The inspiration starts there, but you will change it into your understanding, your language and your personal experience.
You’re going to get a lot of inspiration and many ideas, and then you can maybe later turn those into videos.
Another source is YouTube videos. Watching YouTube videos and looking for inspiration, checking out what other people are doing and then maybe doing that yourself. Don’t hesitate to watch other videos and to get inspiration out of them for your videos and remember, always be capturing those video ideas for yourself.
Another source can be magazines. If you had a photography channel, and you flip through Photographer magazines, not only are you going to learn about some new lenses, some new cameras, but you might discover new stuff in this magazine. As you flip through there, you’re going to get good ideas. Sitting down and bringing your idea journal or your phone, and just capturing ideas related to your niche. You’d be surprised there is something powerful about taking it not on the digital. One more good source is blogs.

The last tip that will teach you how to find video ideas would be questions from the community, definitely ask people to give you questions about video ideas.
That could be an excellent source of coming up ideas and also building greater engagement and community with those that are connected to your YouTube channel.

Those were a couple of different ways of actually coming up with ideas, but here’s the bigger question, how do you test and see if those video ideas are good and how can you best position them on YouTube?

find youtube ideas
find youtube ideas

Find Video Ideas By Brainstorming YouTube

Let’s say that you had a health and fitness channel and let’s go with it, You think – “how to boost your testosterone” is a great idea for a video, and it is something that you know about. Go to YouTube search bar and type in, “How to boost your testosterone.” What you will see there is a bunch of predictions. These predictions are what real people are searching for on YouTube in order of how much search volume there is, which means the top one is the most searched and the bottom one is the least searched.
So, the top one is, “How to boost your testosterone naturally,” now you know real people are searching for it, so it’s not just a video idea, it’s a good video idea because there is proof that people want information on that topic.

If you had a personal development channel, another example of new idea is maybe “how to be more confident”. You can write in the search bar “How to be more confident.” Now, add another space at the end of the sentence, and you will get what other people search with this words, like ‘how to be more confident around girls’, and ‘how to be more confident in basketball.’ All of these new ideas are now coming to you, and you can see how popular they are. Start with a word and type a lot of different combinations into the search bar and that’s going to take things to the next level.

You can take your new ideas over to the Google Keyword Planner. This is a free tool. It will give you video ideas and title ideas, and it is letting you know how much search volume there is.
If only a hundred people are searching for your new idea in a month, well, then maybe you can probably get about a hundred views if your video ranked in search.

In conclusion, all you have to do is go to the YouTube search bar, start typing some of your video ideas that you’ve written down and look what the predictions are and a couple of things to note.
Number one, if there are no predictions, keep looking because if you still want to make the video, you can make it, but if nothing gets predicted by YouTube, that means that nobody is searching for that and nobody’s interested in that. You don’t necessarily have to concede on the video idea, but you might want to rework the wording.
The second thing is the title of your video. The exact title is going to be the word that people are typing when they are looking for that kind of information.

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