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How to Get More YouTube Views – 2018 Guide

Need More YouTube Views? Challenge Accepted.

Getting views on YouTube can be difficult. Getting that one person to watch your video can be difficult. Getting a lot of people to watch your videos can be difficult. There is a solution for you that is going to help you get more YouTube views by multiplying the number of views on your YouTube Channel.

Number one, take advantage of and use the YouTube cards creatively. You can actively use cards, and you can passively use cards.
When you are passively using cards, you’re just putting cards up there, and you’re hoping people click on them.
Actively using cards means that you tell people to click on the card for some reason.
Number two, adjust your featured video duration inside of your creator studio to pop up just a little bit before your average view duration across your channel. By doing that, you are going to give another offering of your content to people before they typically bail on average across your entire channel and across your entire video library.
Number three, take advantage of the YouTube platform and all of the features that they have internally to generate more views. Create and pin comments with links to other playlists, add relevant playlists to every single one of your video descriptions and tell people that there are more videos down in the description that they can go check out.

get more youtube views
get more youtube views

Want To Get More YouTube Views? Check Out Your Flow

As you can see, there is kind of a theme that is going on. It is taking the people that are already watching your videos and multiplying them into multiple views across your channel. This is powerful if you want to get more YouTube views, more watch time and converting viewers into fans because they are watching a lot of your content.

Number four, add a branding mark to your thumbnail so people can recognize your content as your content and they can keep coming back and watching more. It is useful, and it works. If you do not have some recognizable mark or imagery that you’re using in your thumbnails you are missing out on tons and tons of views over time.
Number five, it’s called the ritual view hand off. As your video starts to come to a close, it references another video.

All these tips above are going to help you increase the number of views on your YouTube Channel and getting a lot of people to watch your videos. Hope you enjoyed reading this article as much as I did writing it. Now go out there, optimize your YouTube channel and videos to get more YouTube views and go from zero to hero!

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