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Grow Your YouTube Channel – Starters Tips

If you are a brand new creator, you are getting started on YouTube, and you want to grow your YouTube channel, here are some pro tips for getting started on growing a YouTube channel and YouTube audience so you can spread a message that reaches people and changes their lives!

Think Outside The Box To Create ‘Blue Ocean’

The landscape in this space is always changing. There’s a massive opportunity for anybody to break through and make it on YouTube. Always remember “Different is better than better.” Whether you are just starting, or even maybe you are further along in your career, but wanting to get to the next stage, and kicking growth again, think about how you can really be different in the YouTube world. It could be tempting to want to try to be better than someone else. Don’t try to do that.
There is a book called The Blue Ocean Strategy, and it’s all about that sometimes in industries like YouTube, everyone starts doing the same thing, targeting the same people, and there’s blood in the water, it’s a red ocean. When you are in that red ocean of constant competition and targeting the same people, go to the blue ocean where nobody is.
That’s not necessarily easy to discover, but as you find your different and your unique angle, it’s essential for breaking through and standing out on social media and especially YouTube these days. By finding your sub-niche, you are basically setting a better structure to grow your YouTube channel faster than any of your competitors.

grow your YouTube channel
grow your YouTube channel

Grow Your YouTube Channel By Acting Different

The second recommendation is consistent, strategic, quality content.
Being consistent and trying to be good, it’s not enough. You have to level up the strategy at which you are approaching YouTube with. Being strategic, goes into, searching for long tail keywords, how you’re titling your videos, being more nuanced in your approach. Always thinking about how do you level up a little bit? You got to put in a lot of work and the reason why is because many people are willing to put in a lot of work and it’s hard. Keep committing to doing the work and being patient in the process, because the work you put in, it is not going to pay off in one or two weeks, so always keep that in mind if you wanted to grow your YouTube channel the fastest you can.

Optimization your YouTube channel and your videos is not an easy job. Be patient, always think how to get better and always remember your goals.

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