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find good content ideas for youtube video

How To Find Content Ideas For YouTube Video

Every good SEO and YouTube marketing campaign is built upon effective keyword research. There are three critical steps for doing keyword research the right way.
Number one, find keywords. Number two, qualify those keywords, which is the process of making sure those keywords are worth going after, and making sure that there’s actually interest in those keywords. Then number three, you need to prioritize those keywords, which is the process of analyzing the competition to make sure that your website is actually capable of ranking for whatever keyword you want to go after.
In this article, I explained the first step – Find your keywords to get the best content ideas for YouTube.

find good content ideas for youtube video
find good content ideas for youtube video

Find Content Ideas For YouTube Outside YouTube!

  1. The first keyword research tool that I recommend to use is print books. Print books are one of the most untapped keyword research methods that probably exist because not many people think to use a book to find keywords and content ideas. For example, try to find keywords as if you had an advertising website and build a keyword database for that particular niche. Take a book that about copywriting and sales and persuasion. Start with the Table of Contents. Go through it and try to find ideas there. Usually, the Table of Contents is a good place where you could find more content Ideas For Youtube Video that you can expand on, later on in the future. You can go through the table of contents and take some ideas and add them to your keyword database. These would be more ideas that you would need to additional keyword research on. Books are a great starting point for you to build your foundation.
  2. Second keyword research method is to use niche forums.
    Enter your niche plus forum. For example, go to advertising plus forum. Go ahead and click on one of your niche forums, so you can start finding keywords and content ideas for your niche. You can break the topics you found down into smaller subtopics that you could go after. Copied a few of the ideas that you found that you believe you can expand on further when you do deeper keyword research.
  3. Third untapped keyword research method is to use Amazon. Amazon is the biggest e-commerce search engine, so there are a ton of content ideas and keywords that you can find using their platform.
    Go through the intro and then scroll down, another thing you can do is obviously look at the suggestions that Amazon is giving you because you can probably go deeper and find what topics are closely related to your primary topic. Another idea is just going into the comments section because this is often a gold mine for finding keywords and content ideas. See if there’s anything unique that you can extract and add it to your idealist.
  4. Fourth keyword research method is to use Facebook groups. Facebook groups are a goldmine for Content Ideas For Youtube Video and keywords for YouTube video. Use Facebook’s search function to find keywords and content ideas. Look at the search results that Facebook serves you. Go down and try to see if there are any topics that you could expand on later on.
  5. The fifth untapped keyword research method is to use Quora. This is a website where people can ask questions about anything. So it is also a goldmine for finding keywords and content ideas. Go ahead into the Search function and enter your target topic. For example search for advertising, there are going to be many topics related to advertising. Add these larger, more broad topics to your ideas list. Right away, you will find all kinds of unique ideas. And the best thing is that you can actually get a lot of qualification on these ideas as well.
  6. The sixth untapped keyword research is YouTube. As you may know, YouTube is the second biggest search engine behind Google. That makes it a terrific opportunity to find keywords and content ideas. Use their search function. There are many tactics. You can scroll through the different topics and add anything that you don’t already have on your idea list to your idealist. Highly recommend method is to go through the videos, as well, because you are going to find, a lot more micro ideas within the videos.
    If you’re running out of ideas, go to YouTube and watch some of the videos and extract ideas from them.
  7. The seventh untapped keyword research method is to go through popular blogs and find content ideas and keywords that are already qualified, based on the user engagement around their content.

There are many ways to find keywords outside of just these seven. However, these seven are very effective and useful for content Ideas for YouTube video. You can build a massive keyword database that you then have to go and make sure you qualify those ideas and prioritize those ideas to be sure you are targeting the correct keywords for your particular circumstance.

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