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competitor analysis on youtube

How To Make Competitor Analysis on YouTube

Success on YouTube is all about making the right decision. Many content creators on YouTube that starting out and that are veterans, making some pretty bad decisions. So, how to analyze your specific vertical, your specific niche? Analyze specific channels so you can make the right type of decision, which is data-driven decisions, because if you want to succeed on YouTube, the more that you look at data and do competitor analysis on YouTube, you will have a higher probability of success.

What you need to do is gather data so you can make data-driven decisions. YouTube’s been very good at getting creators access to the analytics of how your channel’s performing and how videos are actually performing. You must understand what is going on in your specific niche, regardless if it is gaming, or entertainment, vlogging, how-to and others. You must know what is trending and the things that are actually happening, so you can make better decisions. You need to understand who might threaten you getting the first page rankings. Therefore, you need to conduct a serious competitor analysis on YouTube to make sure you could beat anyone standing your way.


competitor analysis on youtube
competitor analysis on youtube

Competitor analysis on YouTube is all about data, data and more data

You can use a service that collects all the data for you in an elegant way. It is called VidIQ. First, create an account on VidIQ and logged in to VidIQ, then attach your YouTube channel to it. For the start of pulling in Competitor Analysis on YouTube, you have to identify your competitor’s channels and add them to VidIQ. You can do it by clicking over the eye icon. The icon will bring you to the competitor’s page. First, on this page, you be able to see all your information from your channel. You will be able to look at the views, the subscribers, videos, average use per day, average subs per day, and average videos that you are uploading per day.
Also, you will see a little scorecard of what is happening in your channel in a given month.
Secondly, after you gathering a list of channels that are similar to yours – competitors channels.
Put the information that you gathered by putting the channel IDs in the comparing channels text box.

*Note – To find the channel IDs, go to the channel, look at the address bar and just select the last portion of it.

After you add your competitor channel, you will see your channel information side by side with the competitor. You will see views, subscribers, videos, average views per day, average subs per day, and you can literally break it down. For example, If you see your competitor is on the rise, you can reach out to him and ask him to collaborate.

At the bottom of the page, you have the trending videos from your selected competitors. You will see which is the top performing videos on those channels that you are analyzing. Analyze how many views, what’s the velocity, and how many subscribers did they actually get?
This analysis is powerful because you can start seeing if it something that you need to look at. Maybe you need to do a video that’s similar to that, but put your spin on it. You don’t want to copy your competitor, but you are gathering data and if you are looking to create videos, and these videos had some pretty good subscribers, you might be able to learn from or want to develop similar video content.

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