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Learn How To Make YouTube Keyword Research

YouTube Keyword Research is the easiest way to drive more views, increase video watch time, get targeted exposure for your YouTube videos and channel. Many people, especially YouTubers, really misunderstand how to make a proper YouTube keyword research for their videos and how to gauge their competition. Read below to reveal our five steps guide of making the best YouTube keyword research you could ever make.

Keyword Research For YouTube Is Easier Than You Thought

  1. Step number one, identify the target keyword phrase you want to study, search for that phrase and pay attention to how many videos results YouTube shows. Notice when you search for example “how to get more views on YouTube,” YouTube returns over 277 million video results. It has nothing to do with the popularity of the phrase. It has everything to do with how many videos YouTube has indexed for that specific phrase.
    Remember – less is better, you want to compete with fewer videos. For example, when you search for “increase YouTube views,” you will notice that there are just a bit over eleven million video results. Wouldn’t you prefer to compete against eleven million videos instead of 277 million videos? Well, I sure would, and by paying attention to this first step, it’s allowed you to drive more views.
  2. Step number two, totally video views for the top ranking 20 videos. For example, when you search for “how to get more views on YouTube,” the videos in the top 10 and 20 results have hundreds of thousands of video views. However, when you search for “increase YouTube views,” notice that the two videos in the top five have less than 20,000 views, compared to the other search term, it’s much easier to rank for “increase YouTube views.”
  3. Step number three, subscriber count. You want to pay attention to how many subscribers those videos have that are ranking, again, in the top 20. The goal here is to find a weak link. A weak link is a video that has been published by a channel that doesn’t have many subscribers and furthermore doesn’t have many views. That’s a great indication, again, that you can rank.
  4. Step number four, the relevancy boost. To do that, take the keyword phrase from the YouTube search bar, copy the keyword phrase. Then in the Chrome browser, you can access Edit and then Find and paste the keyword phrase into the Find bar, then what you will get is a visual representation of any video that has included the exact keyword phrase that you are targeting into their video title or description. So, the more videos that have highlights next to them, the harder it’s going to be to rank because more videos are getting a boost based on a relevancy match. And YouTube algorithm gives a boost to relevancy. In fact, if you click on the Filters tab, you will notice the videos are sorted by ‘relevancy’. If you’ve read the deep neural network white paper that was written by a Google engineer you know that they talk about relevancy often.
  5. Step number five, study the why, and here’s what I mean by this, why are these videos ranking? What is the tone of the video creator? If he or she on camera? Are they doing a voice over? Is their funny, scary or engaging? Pay attention to the videos that are ranking in the top 10 results for your target keyword phrase and identify what viewers are positively responding to.
youtube keyword research
youtube keyword research

Some bonus tip, optimize your video for your target keyword phrase by doing YouTube keyword research. Your goal is to find a keyword phrase that has fewer video results and then to identify what are the weak links. These weak links are videos that have been published by small channels without a lot of views. The more of that you see, the easier it is going to be for you to rank.

Think of it like this, after all the explanations about YouTube keyword research you know that YouTube rewards videos that keep viewers watching, and obviously if these videos are ranking the video’s creators are doing something right. The more you study successful videos and successful channels, the better decisions you are going to make on the videos you publish, and that is going to allow you to drive more views.

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