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QQTube operates since 2013, they have a wide range of services and offers in the social marketing world with their most used services being available for YouTube. They take care of thousands of clients every month and supplying YouTube views for one of the most affordable prices in the market.

QQTube offers different types of YouTube views services, YouTube Likes YouTube Subscribers, YouTube Comments and YouTube Shares. In the views department – they offer standard views, high retention views, slow views and even GEO targeted views. Their YouTube views services start at just $2.00 for 1,000 standard fast views with low retention, if you’re looking for higher retention of the 2 minutes and above, as you know YouTube views retention is one of the most important factors for YouTube algorithm, you can find that service starts at $2.40 per 1,000 views. They can deliver over 50,000 YouTube views daily pretty easily.

QQTube Support

QQTube provides great customer support with decent turnaround times. You can create a ticket and shall be answered within up to 24 hours, It seems that during weekends ( Saturday and Sunday ) they don’t answer tickets from our real tests with paid promotion services purchased directly from QQTube. Let’s jump further more into the QQTube Review.

As part of their service, they also have an in-depth Knowledge base, so in case of a question or concern, you might find your answer right away without the need to wait hours for an answer on your tickets. you can find all the information of the QQTube support knowledge base here.

QQTube Dashboard

The Dashboard is quite nice, very user-friendly and easy to navigate. nothing special but just clean and easy to use. I personally like it. Your recent on-going orders are showing in huge text size which is easy to read, We had a successful YouTube Views order being completed and two were refunded. we checked with the support about why they were refunded and got a “not so sure” answer. They said it’s something related to the YouTube algorithm

We’ve decided to refund your recent two YouTube Views orders since there’s a temporarily issue with the way YouTube count the views. we apologize for this inconvenience, please try to submit your orders again in a few days.

QQTube Customer Support – August 2019.

After waiting for 3 days, I’ve placed my YouTube views orders again and they completed with a timely manner of a little over 24 Hours which seems totally reasonable, and they didn’t have a high retention views but it wasn’t bad either, I’ve got a 1 minute and 37 seconds average retention per view. pretty good for the price I must say.

QQTube Payment methods

So QQTube offers a few different payment methods, we’ve been testing 2 and they all went smoothly. they offer Credit card processing, Crypto currency such as BitCoin. Webmoney is an option as well as PayPal although a late information from their dashboard states that they are trying to get out of using PayPal ( Which is really sad in my opinion ) I love using PayPal and am sure many of you are feeling the same. but they are getting out of it shortly by the states on their website “Due to recent changes by PayPal, we are beginning to phase them out as a payment option.” Too bad, I feel like they need to find a way and still be able to offer PayPal to all of us who wish to use it. this is one of the most common online payment method for decades.

Pay close attention that if you have the ability to pay via Bitcoin, you can enjoy a 5% Bonus on top of your deposit!

Free QQTube services ?

Believe it or not, QQTube offers some free services ! That’s right 🙂 check it on the Dashboard under free services, they do require you to verify your email, join the mailing list and follow them on Twitter to enjoy this benefits but that’s a great way to get some extra free stuff ! You may choose between 1,000 YouTube Views, 50 YouTube Likes, 50 YouTube Subscribers. I’ve tried the 50 YouTube subscribers as I think it’s the most valuable option of those 3 offers and I actually got 50 free YouTube subscribers. Super happy about it and it wasn’t that bad following the requirements. took me under 3 minutes and I’ve got a service worth almost $2 totally for free.

QQTube is a great place to buy YouTube Views, Subscribers and Likes. I recommend using their platform, they are a legitimate business which offer great services at low prices. There’s other alternatives to QQTube which offers some extra benefits but they also cost more. If cost is your main factor I’d go with QQTube, if you’re more about higher quality and service – you can shop around for a better option.

Thanks for taking the time to read my comprehensive QQTube Review, I’m going to try and bring more valuable information for my readers in the Buy YouTube Views and other services area in the near future so stay tuned.

Yours, Mark Robinson.

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