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Get More YouTube Views – 2020 Guide

There is a simple truth: most people use YouTube for ranking criteria or information gathering before seeing a commercial on a sponsor’s website. This means that YouTube views can either be a blessing or a curse for a marketer. Part of the beauty of YouTube videos is that they can create and publish to drive traffic to your site. There is no need to spend a lot of time making good videos or hiring videographers. A YouTube video can be written off as part of a series of ads if you carefully craft the video and post it consistently. Videos that immediately start to build in complexity will inherently kill the possibility of viral growth that could occur from them. It’s also critical to making the video easy to embed and to remember. Please write it down in a way that doesn’t make it sound like a big production. If a video grabs a viewer’s attention, they will likely visit your site with a higher chance of clicking through to your partner site.
Most importantly, make sure you post regularly, and the video will come a lot more often. Research shows that it takes a marketer’s best effort to keep from dropping the ball with a video. They can be just as effective times as others. Pick topics that you could write an entire book on. If the message is all about a product that you are selling, don’t talk about it. Let the rest of your site be about the service you are offering, not about the product. Additionally, a video produced by these simple guidelines is generally quicker to upload on the YouTube site and gives you more control over the reach of your video and your content.

So let’s not waste more time and dive into ways to get more youtube views for your channel –

Research Before you join the mass exodus, make sure you’ve conducted appropriate research. Its research shows that the vast majority of YouTube users are outside of the entertainment industry. An even more telling statistic: 48 percent of YouTube users have income that falls below $100,000, with a full 90 percent of YouTube subscribers having less than $100. Facebook Just 4 percent of YouTube users regularly visit Facebook. Thirty-six percent of YouTube users spend more time than an average person does on Facebook. Original content If you’re going to post your actual video content, it can be a challenge. YouTube works best as a viral marketing tool, and people need that kind of shock value. But what makes YouTube the most important offline resource for you, the online marketer? The answer may be its user demographics. A full 70 percent of YouTube users are above the age of 30, and 60 percent of YouTube users are women. The Social discount The one thing we ALL need in the YouTube buying process is another pair of shoes, basketball shorts, or designer jeans. Without the influence of that primary and still significant factor, YouTube isn’t as powerful. It’s worth keeping in mind that YouTube users spend more time on it than other online consumption platforms, so in the marketing world, it is crucial to understand if you are a better fit with YouTube traffic. According to comScore’s 2012 Global video Study, YouTube is the #1 video website online, with a worldwide audience as its largest market share. YouTube has access to various popular content in multiple media forms, including commercials, music, full-length television, and online music recording.

There are other means to find interested buyers, including the various online retail channels such as Amazon and Walmart, and selling to them on your own Facebook site, where conversions happen on that account. Alternative site promotion Any website interested in moving beyond YouTube, even if the online marketer is comfortable with building profiles on other social media sites such as Facebook, can aid in making viewership on YouTube through the creation of content that is truly all-inclusive, meaning it offers comprehensive information on the website without limiting access to the program. To provide a genuinely all-inclusive program that offers valuable content and value, we highly recommend that video content be incorporated in several formats. Website Optimization It’s also critical to optimize analytics. YouTube allows you to get a handle on who is visiting your website. The Search Marketing Benchmark Guide 2009 Report says that building a YouTube profile and optimizing your whole website, especially if you don’t have a Webshop, is an essential traffic and marketing strategy. The Benchmark Guide is where you should start when building a new presence on the Web.

No matter what you choose in terms of online promotion, understand this: by driving as much qualified traffic to your site as possible, you will receive more outstanding results. Social Media Social SEO (SEO) is essential to the online marketing process as video production is. Playing “catch-rich” with social media is like having one of those big fish in a can that you can only keep as long as you keep feeding it. Start to evolve your following with your social audience by building up your followers. That means striking up a conversation consistently on relevant topics so that your followers know who you are. And as you are building your social profiles, begin to follow the example of how other online marketers are preparing for and developing their online community. Online Presentations If you do not appear in the video presentation section of a regional or trade show event, or online conversation in a non-mainstream blog or community site, your time, investment, and potential payoff are far less. Look for all vendors at these special event meetings or any local speeches, workshops, and seminars. Event planning When approaching a vendor, make sure they have an event planner or sales letter generator.

This will help you plan for events like speak-ins and workshops and could help with branding if you choose to use the presentation that is available to you, too. Build a list of events and mention them during the presentations. That will avoid picking a product (“we charge $75 a consultation”) in advance to give people a list of all the individual services you provide. Video As it is so important, let people tell their stories on YouTube. Old-with your photos, of course-to help build your profile. “pitch” what you can offer people and the quality that the product is. But don’t come with the product.

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