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Learn How To Grow Your YouTube Channel Fast – 2018 Guide

YouTube Channel Optimization – The Basics

If you’ve ever wanted to know how well optimized your video is or somebody else’s video is on YouTube, you should keep reading because we’re going on a deep dive on a brand new vidIQ tool. The outcome we all should aim for is to optimize our channel and videos to get YouTube subscribers organically and boosting our video rankings.

What we’re going to review is a helpful new tool that comes in the form of a section in the video optimization checklist on the YouTube channel optimization extension. Now, one of the most stressful times in uploading a video, is the actual uploading process. You’ve spent hours creating a video and then in a rush to get the video onto YouTube, you forget to do a custom thumbnail, don’t write enough tags, it’s not optimized correctly, or you forget to add the video to a playlist. There are all of these things to think about when it comes to YouTube and ways to serve your content to the right audience, have maximum exposure and always care about your YouTube channel optimization.

Features, Channel Growth Tips & Checklist

So basically this tool is a video optimization checklist which includes 15 different points for you to refer to. Now, each of these checkpoints is indicated by a green tick or a red cross. For example, if you haven’t added the video to a playlist, you will get a red cross. If you haven’t shared the video on Facebook you will get a Red Cross. However, for titles, tags, and descriptions, it’s slightly different. Your metadata is rated. For example – your title. If it’s less than 20 characters or more than 60 characters we will give you a red cross because for a title you need some keywords in there so that would be at least a phrase of some kind over 20 characters. But once you go over sixty characters that will cut off your title in some previews, so the viewer may not be able to read the entire title before clicking on the video.

As we’ve said, tags are always used to help categorize your content. By using tags, you are giving YouTube a little bit more information about where the video should go and who it should be served to get YouTube subscribers. So, you should include at least 200 characters worth of tags which may be long tail or short tail keywords. Make sure you include tags to get the green tick. The maximum is of course 500 characters. As for descriptions, the first three or four lines are vitally important to YouTube regarding, again, looking at those keywords of your content and being able to index them correctly in searches. So its suggested having at least 300 characters in your description.


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The rest of the checkpoints are very much made sure you do a few critical things when you upload a video. For example, video cards. You want to push your audience to more of your content to increase session watch time. The same with end screens. Your content doesn’t have to end with the conclusion of your video, make sure you’re pushing your audience to more of your content. Closed captions can help YouTube with indexing your content, it will search for keywords, and it could help with translations as well. Reply to comments, obviously very important for improving engagement. When somebody sends something to you or asks a question, they put some time and effort into that, and in turn, you should put time and effort into engaging with your audience.

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Sharing on Facebook and sharing on Twitter. Obviously, you want to share your content on other social media platforms. You can do this in slightly different ways, so if you don’t share to Twitter or Facebook directly from YouTube, that’s not too much of a concern if you have another plan of action. When it comes to monetization enabled obviously that’s something you’ll be wanting to do if making an income stream from your content is essential to you.

Added a video to a playlist – All videos should be added to some form of playlist, and you should be adding playlists on a regular basis. People watching videos in playlists watch more of your content. Again it ups the watch time.
Making the video public goes without saying. You may accidentally set one of your live streams to unlisted mode, so, it’s worth checking that just in case you’ve made that mistake.
And of course, there are a few more engagement options on this new great tool that are making sure that you’ve either pinned one of your own comments to add more information about the video or pinning your favorite comments from your audience that really does inspire them when you do that. And of course, if you’re going to read the comments, you want to hear them. It sends a notification to the viewer, and they feel good about themselves that the video creator has taken time to read their comments.

So, that’s what the YouTube channel optimization checklist looks like for one of your own videos, how does that differ from a video if it’s not one of your own? The info that you won’t see on other people’s videos are custom thumbnails, closed captions, reply to a recent comment, the monetization enabled checkpoint, and ‘added to a playlist’.

So there you have it folks, a bit info about this helpful new checklist tool which can easily help with your video optimization, thereby helping you with your YouTube channel optimization to eventually get YouTube subscribers. And the most significant thing is that not only is it an opportunity to audit your own content but to spy on your competition as well.

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