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The Best Tips About How to Grow Your YouTube Channel

How to Grow Your YouTube Channel From 0

If you’re making videos for YouTube, it makes sense that you want more people to see your videos, improve YouTube video SEO and that you want more people to keep coming back to your channel to watch even more of your YouTube videos, right?
In this article, you will read about critical elements that you need to keep in mind for growing your channel and making the proper YouTube channel optimization.

One. It’s important that you get very familiar with your audience retention reports inside of your YouTube analytics. Why is this important, you might ask? Because on YouTube, watch time is a key.
The better your retention, the harder the videos are going to work on your behalf. Plus, the longer that new viewers watch your videos, the more likely they are to subscribe to your channel which is extremely important if you’re trying to grow your Youtube channel and for making youtube channel optimization. The longer the people watch, the more likely they are to take other forms of engagement on your channel.
Comments, likes, a subscriber, adding to a playlist, sharing your videos, can also help your channel grow because it’s pulling more people into your content in addition to the positive signals that you’re sending into YouTube.

Beat Your Competitors With These YouTube Channel Optimization Tips

The second critical thing is that you look at the platform itself with all the different options that it has, and you take advantage of all of those options to build yourself a rock solid watch time trap.
What watch time trap mean? A watch time trap, in a nutshell, is where you create all of your content based around playlists, based about other videos so that you can constantly be sending people to more and more of your content since you are tapping into their interests.
They are more likely to watch more and more of your videos because you’re verbally referring to them to watch other videos with your content.

Youtube Channel Optimization
Youtube Channel Optimization

Moreover, you can have things popping up on the screen to draw your audience attention where they can go watch more of your stuff.
You’ve got pinned comments, links to other playlists in your descriptions. You’ve got series playlists put together so that YouTube is recommending your content next to each other. When somebody watches one video, you creating other opportunities for them to watch and consume more of your content which increases your chances of engagement for them being a subscriber, watching more of your content, and so on.

Another more critical element is learning how to rank your videos in the search and by that improving your YouTube video SEO.
Search is a significant traffic source, and if you are not tapping into it, then you missing out additional traffic that you can get from search.
Next up is production quality. The audiences have expectations. You have to make sure that your video quality is high. You must have decent lighting in your videos. You don’t have to buy stuff. You can use the sun if you need to. Your audio sounds decent, which is also extremely important and adds a lot to the production quality.
These days, making a video in a dark room with bad audio, it’s just not going to cut it. You have to level up your game. Go outside if you have to. Make your videos there.

Let’s sum it up – If you want to become the next big thing on YouTube, it could take some time and tons of efforts to get there. Therefore, your YouTube channel optimization strategy must embrace Google rules and follow the steps mentioned above.

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