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Here’s Why Video Tags Are So Important For Your Video Growth

Google introduced YouTube myriad back in 2005. The idea was to allow individual video clip owners to easily search for their clips by tapping right on the tiny blue thumbnail. A year later, they released that feature to the public. This meant that a URL could be found attached to the video as it was uploaded. Since then, the number of users using this feature has grown to over 200 million. For all of these users, the same (and relatively simple) feature has become a way to share and spread their content. It is essential for marketing efforts and is one reason Google has cruised in the vicinity of the social media.

While Google has focused much of its recent efforts on understanding how to use the Internet for its own purposes, it has now cruised into the domain of website owners and made it possible for them to connect and communicate with their visitors. Search overnight becomes the discovery of a new potential market for them. Social media is not only about sharing; in this aspect, it is also about social proof. The fact that the trend has reached to the highest level in recent times is evidence enough for a Marketing guru to allow his or her credibility to rise. The trend is beginning to show that the domain is maturing and bypassed by smaller and smaller businesses. This point has been driven home by the increasing number of social media sites; indeed, any person who tries to avoid being buried by the Social Media Accomplices will be hard-pressed to find a way to get their message across.

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The best way to rise to the top of the pile is to take a firm stand and become a leader. We should all try to find the same angle, the exact final message that will lure the most viewers and followers. Use that angle to come up with catchy, humorous, and creative ideas. Then, develop the capacity to make those ideas become a reality. Have a system that works; people often gravitate to individual systems because they believe they can’t achieve it independently. While they are right, it is impossible to create a workable plan and implement it all by yourself. Year after year, technology changes, the avenues of marketing change, and consumers’ wants change. You have to be aware of what is trending and need to be hooked on the corresponding trends. As trends continue to change, your best product will not be the same, and you will have to create new ways and means to update your ad and website.

The web is not the final destination; it is the means to an end. It is not enough to be present on the Internet, you also need to have marketable influence. To build that influence, you will have to spend time and energy building relationships with customers and prospects. It would help if you were neat and that means prepared to share your know-how and expertise always. New connections will build your brand and when the core business is strong enough, it will be seen the relationship with owners of big corporations. It would help if you became an expert in your chosen field; eventually, you’ll be considered an expert in your domain. Build your tools and techniques to get the best results. It is not enough to have your fingers on the guns; you need to have the whole gun. A strategic plan has to be developed for you to accomplish the rest. Although there is no right formula, some general guidelines will probably work for you. You need to have a solid base of both credibility and backlinks.

You can’t rely on Google to find your video by itself. This is why distributing your video to hubpages and video sites is so important. When you distribute your video to those sites, Google will then discover the video about one week later from the persons who uploaded it to the video-sharing site. Google will then determine that the video-sharing site’s video contains the keywords that user entered in his/her Google search. Then Google will serve the video to the user and use all the previously mentioned optimization techniques to get your video ranked. This means that if you have a video that contains the keyword “make money online” and you want that video to appear in Google’s search results when the user conducts a related search, then you have to share your video via HubPages and video sites. If only that video only appears in Google’s search results, then you’ve missed the mark. You need to submit your video to all the video sites.

That’s it. It would help if you tracked down video sites referred to as authority sites by Google and then submit your video to them. Since Google will discover your video via the links you’ve inserted on the video sharing sites, you’ll get a Google credit for “great content.” You won’t know this, but “Google hats” messaged you because he wants to hand out some Google stuff to you. Play along for a while or you’ll get bored trying to find out how to get free Google stuff. Just remember that if you want to reach number one on Google, you’ll have to beat someone else who’s already on the number one spot. So if you see a YouTube video covering your keyword, that video may beat yours. Why? YouTube videos are embedded, so they work everywhere; search engines and search results are embedded. A few years ago, it was announced that Google wanted to pull out all the stops and rank videos in the search engines, but now it’s changed, and they want you to post videos to your site and build a video sitemap to help them do it.

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