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YouTube Video Optimization – 3 Mistakes New Youtubers Make

Here some of the common mistakes that many creators are making when they are new creators when they are coming to YouTube and trying to figure out how do I grow a channel and create YouTube channel optimization? How do I build an audience? And how do I do all of that?

Think YouTube, Think YouTube Video Optimization

One of the common mistakes is that new creators have this goal of growing their YouTube channel, and their perspective on how they do this is really similar to, pretty much, the primary video format that they’re used to, which is TV, right? So they are used to watching television. The mentality is they think of YouTube like television, which leads them to make a few mistakes.
YouTube is not television. People watch YouTube and TV for different reasons at different times. For example, a television is usually considered a lean-back experience. Most of the time, viewers of television are actually leaning back at their couches in front of their TV. It’s usually a more passive viewing experience like they’re usually multitasking, maybe the TV is just turned on in the background while they’re doing something else. Or if they are watching TV, it’s very common for people to have the iPad on their lap or for them to be doing something else while watching television. So it’s a much more passive, called lean-back experience.
Whereas on YouTube, it’s called a lean in-experience. Because people are more likely to be leaning in. They are watching on their mobile phones. They don’t have distractions. They are not multitasking. They’re just zoomed in the content. And so if it’s at a desktop, their finger is on that mouse. They’re trigger happy, ready to click away from anything that’s not capturing their attention that strongly. Alternatively, they are on their phone, and they’re on the bus or at school or wherever, and they’ve just got some time to sit there and watch the YouTube video. It is very different viewing experience, different expectations, and that makes a difference in how you present content.

youtube video optimization
youtube video optimization

Keep It Simple And Grab Attention

Number one, many creators thinking they need to have a lot of high-end video production, they need a high-end video production team, high-end video production equipment, high-end video production knowledge. They think that they make a Hollywood movie. And that’s not necessarily the case. Your content is much more important than how expensive your camera equipment is and how good your lighting and sound are.
What’s more important than the video production quality is the story quality, like, how well you’re telling stories.
The overall value that you’re trying to deliver needs to be really high.
Think more about content value, more so than production value.

Number two in YouTube video optimization is getting viewers attention, especially the first critical15 seconds of your video. Many creators, take way too long to hook the viewer, to get them to want to keep watching. You must remember, YouTube is a lean in-experience. People have their fingers hovering over that mouse button ready to click away to go to the next video. So you’ve got to hook those viewers at the beginning and make they stay and watch your video for as long as possible. Think about those first 15 seconds. Some people even say you’ve only got like five, six seconds to catch the viewer. So if your narrative based content like gaming or vlogging or something, you could do a “coming up on” type of thing and then some rapid, fast cuts of the story that teases the story in some way, get the audience be like,
I want to watch this. Or open up the story in a way that connects to the title and the thumbnail right away. The first 15 seconds needs to connect the title and the thumbnail to the people. They click with an expectation.
Make sure you don’t take too long. Hook your audience, and hook them right away.

Number three – Invest in your title thumbnail. Creators tend to think more about the content itself than the title and the thumbnail. This is a huge newbie mistake in the very, very beginning. It is very recommended to come up with the title and the thumbnail before shooting the content it’self. However, fortunately, it doesn’t take creators too long to figure out that it doesn’t matter how amazing the content is if the title and the thumbnail don’t entice someone to click and watch in the first place. Anyone who is coming from blogging world or newspaper world or magazine world, they know how important titles are. Also, they get their titles down to a science. It is just as right on YouTube where people do judge a book by its cover. And you want your videos and channel to look as appealing as possible and maximize YouTube channel optimization. If the title and the thumbnail aren’t enticing, then people don’t click on it. You need to put a lot of time and energy into that. This particular tip will drastically improve your YouTube video optimization!

Don’t forget. The YouTube video format is very different from the TV format.
In YouTube platform, you must have great content with an attractive title and thumbnail, and you have to attract your audience in the very first 15 seconds of your YouTube video. All these steps will make your YouTube channel grow and help you make YouTube video optimization!

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